Elections Data

Elections Data

Welcome to the Daily Kos Elections data hoard!

DatapicData form the backbone of Daily Kos Elections, and much of the information we gather is quantitative. Daily Kos Elections is one of the only sources of Presidential results data by district (and the only one that's free). We also maintain a complete polling database during election season, and the Election Outlook (together with Daily Kos' Drew Linzer) which was the best polling aggregator in 2014.

Election Results by District

The indefatigable Daily Kos Elections team has sorted through reams of data to bring to you Presidential election results by Congressional District. Results for current districts are available for 2008 and 2012, and results for districts from the previous decade are available for the 2008, 2004 and 2000 elections.

Not content to rest, the Daily Kos Elections team returned to the precinct books to calculate Presidential election results by Legislative District for almost every state. In addition, statewide officeholder results by CD and LD are included in many states, for 2012 or 2014 elections.

Complete Redistricting Resources

In addition to calculating Presidential election results by Congressional district, we've also calculated how much of the new districts came from which old district.This link also includes maps of each district

Congressional District Demographics

Want to know more about the ethnic makeup of a Congressional District in 2014? This link's for you!

Media Markets

Which Congressional Districts are in which media markets? This spreadsheet has the answers.

Polling Database

We laboriously maintain our own polling database during election season. The 2016 database is not yet available to the public, but in the meantime, here are our archives:

2014          2012          2010

Race Ratings

Current: 2016 Race Ratings


2014          2012 Senate          2010 Senate        2008 Senate

                  2012 House           2010 House         2008 House

                  2012 Gov               2010 Gov            2008 Gov


Because what's a treasure trove of geographic data without some maps?